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Introducing the University of Richmond Career Framework

A career framework uses consistent language and job factors to make it easier for employees to explore positions across campus and identify the required skills, experience, and education needed to succeed in those jobs.

Why Implement a Career Framework?

As a UR employee, there may come a time when you want to advance your career or begin a new career path at the University. The Career Framework will help you plan your next steps.

Benefits of a Career Framework

  • Establishes a University-wide framework for consistent leveling of jobs, regardless of University department
  • Clearly states the minimum required skills and experience necessary for all roles across campus
  • Articulates meaningful differences in roles, impact, and accountabilities at each level, forming the foundation for creating clear, concise job descriptions
  • Creates a framework in which managers and employees can have meaningful conversations about career and professional development

Grade and pay is not a factor in determing a career level. Instead, mapping positions in the Career Framework is based on level descriptors